Welcome to eBUCIS, LLC

Making your business more clever.

eBUCIS, LLC together with its partners and affiliates is a solution provider with expertise in software develoment.

Our products and services are being used worldwide.

Our products

Learn It, Design It, Build It, Share It.

Along the years we have created products for common problems in the small business space. Evidens, Eradix, EPatientX are just a few in areas such as digital signage, remote data management and healthcare. Our latest creation is an online collaboration platform for small businesses.

Our services

Let's work on your idea together.

We have also shared our expertise helping others relize their ideas into products. Corpotel, Intouch Software Solutions, Labra and BBR Servicios are just a few of the companies we have helped in industries like Telecommunication, Bailbonds, Manufactoring Maintenace and B2B.

We also have experience in Financial, Transportation, Education, Supply Chain and of course Enterprise Software Development and Integration.