About us Making your business more clever.

  • Who we are

    eBUCIS, LLC is a South Florida based Solution Provider founded in June 2005.

    Our staff have been working in software and business development for more than 20 years. Our passion for technology is only surpassed by the respect and satisfaction we get helping businesses improve their own processes with the help of our technologies.

    eBUCIS’ goal is "making your business more clever"

    We have products helping around the world in areas like Digital Signage, Supply Chain Optimization, Data backup and Synchronization but we have been lately putting all our resources towards small business collaboration tools.

  • Our competitive advantage

    We pay more attention to identify and describe the problem than to address the solution. This enables development cost savings, proper understanding of the requirement and ultimately the creation of the tool that fits the problem in a short amount of time frustration free.

    We also invest in learning the latest technology to create the necessary experience to decide if that is appropriate to use in our next need or not. Not always the latest is the greatest as you probably know by now. That’s why we prefer to master than judge (or even worst misjudge) a technology.

    We are an agile shop, the most productive strategy to software development today. We have introduced small changes like having documentation and testing ready before the coding of the product starts. We also sport state of the art requirement and task tracking for project management. Everything to make sure our business relationships are predictable and with the right expectations.